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Selda - Selda LP

Selda - Selda LP

By: Finders Keepers

FKR 011 LP


Product Description

Bearing all the aesthetic watermarks of a private-press country LP, SELDA BAGCAN's 1976 debut long-player is a stunning work of space-age Anatolian electronic, progressive protest-psych-folk-funk-rock; a delectable hybrid concoction, presented with the utmost authenticity and conviction, which has never been replicated or equaled in the decades since its recording. When Selda first released her long-awaited LP (the first of two confusingly eponymous titles released the same year), she was enduring/enjoying her halcyon time as one of Turkey's most politically outspoken popular folk singers. In the previous decade she had made a household name for herself as a traditional Anadolu protest singer with a spectacular emotive vocal capacity. A figurehead and poetic driving force for a radical generation of politically motivated, creative revolutionaries, she sang raw, stripped-down folk songs with a yearning for political change and a heart-wrenching earnestness. On her debut LP, in a match made in psychedelic heaven, Selda's radical prose fuses with equally radical musical gestures from some of the most lauded musical mavericks, including Anadolu beat combo MOGOLLAR, popular backing band DADASLAR under the guidance of Anatolian rock stalwart ARIF SAG, and master electronic producer and pioneer ZAFER DILEK. The bands were assembled at multiple sessions at Yeni Studios and the über-legendary Studio Elektronik, where the record was finally completed and mastered. Released in 1976 to equal parts critical acclaim and skepticism, the album smashed boundaries both lyrically and musically. Includes two bonus tracks from the album sessions.