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Condominium - Warm Home 12”

Condominium - Warm Home 12”

By: Cut The Cord That...

CTCT 041


Product Description

If anyone in the past decade deserves the title of “cult hardcore punk band,” it’s Minneapolis/St. Paul’s Condominium. After a slew of highly-collectable 7” singles, the band finally unleashed this monster of a 12” in 2011, which features some of their best material, including the hit “Life Is Amazing,” and cemented the band as one of the most interesting acts in contemporary punk…what other punk band would have a Gamelan track in the middle of their record?? If that doesn’t move you, know that Material World employee Joe B (long-haired, bespectacled, million dollar smile) is the drummer of Condominium. He is one of the best American punk drummers and he will be very upset when he reads all this. Highly recommended! -Adam